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  • What causes severe leg cramps?

    Muscle cramps are a strong, painful contraction or tightening of a muscle that comes on suddenly and lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. It often occurs in the legs. Nighttime leg cramps are usually sudden spasms, or tightening, of muscles in the calf.

    Muscle cramps and spasms are caused by one or a combination of reasons listed down below:
    - Exercising, injury, or overuse of muscles
    - Pregnancy
    - Exposure to cold temperatures
    - Lack of potassium, calcium, and other minerals in the blood.
    - Dehydration
    - Intake of medicines like antipsychotics, birth control pills, statins, diuretics, and steroids

    If you have any of the symptoms of muscle spasms and cramps, Dr. Reinhart in Arizona is the best neurologist to visit. Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Dr. Reinhart acknowledges the need to treat painful neurological diseases in a partnership between the patient and his or her family. At his clinic, all the patients can be assured of the best care.

    Dr. Reinhart in Arizona deals with nerve issues, blood supply issues, and nutritional issues. His approach to the patients is one that first assures their comfort level in his ability to diagnose and treat neurological problems as well as develop pain management plans. Dr. Reinhart accomplishes this by designating the maximum time required to inform neurological patients of their situations and cramps and spasms treatments.

    The procedures used by Dr. Reinhart include EEGs (electroencephalogram), EMGs (electromyography) and somatic nerve blocks. From the very first contact with the patient, Dr. Reinhart and his professional team address neuropathy, headaches and other neurological conditions along with chronic pain.

    All you need to do is call at 888-896-9566 to set up an appointment and start the process of getting relief from muscle cramps and spasms. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. The expert team at Dr. Reinhart’s clinic is qualified to treat neurological issues and administer cramps and spasms treatment.
    Sep 20, 2017
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