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  • What are the causes of chronic pain?

    Chronic pain is something that you might be facing today, but not even know it. You must be thinking that persistent pain in your body is a result of suffering from a particular ailment such as arthritis, back pain, migraines or any other serious disorders. But if the pain continues for several months or longer, this condition is known as chronic pain.

    Any chronic pain specialist in Arizona will tell you that there are several chronic pain symptoms. These chronic pain symptoms in your body will reduce flexibility, strength, endurance and make it challenging for you to perform daily activities.

    Some common chronic pain symptoms are:
    - Headaches
    - Post surgical pain
    - Lower back pain
    - Arthritis pain
    - Pain from chemotherapy
    - Neuro pain
    - Psychogenic pain
    - Post-traumatic pain

    Chronic pain symptoms also include negative emotions such as sadness and anxiety which also contribute to the aggravation of chronic pain. Some chronic pain symptoms can be traced to a particular injury that healed awhile ago and other symptoms may have no specific cause, no prior injury and an absence of underlying tissue damage. So to recover and avoid these issues in the future, you need to receive proper chronic pain treatment from a reputed specialist as soon as possible.

    Causes of chronic pain:
    Specialists believe that the pain initially starts with a nerve that is damaged. These damaged nerves create pain that is severe, more intense and long lasting. Chronic pain can start with any small initial injury such as back pain or a pulled muscle, and sometimes the pain in the body may be initiated due to:

    Chronic fatigue
    It is characterized by extreme and prolonged weariness that is accompanied by severe pain in the body.

    It is a painful disorder that occurs when the uterine lining grows outside the uterus.

    Chronic pain doctors characterize as abnormal pain in bones and muscles.

    Inflammatory bowel disease
    It is a group of conditions that cause painful inflammation in your digestive system.

    Intestinal pain
    This chronic pain symptom starts with a disorder marked by pain and pressure in the bladder.

    Jaw dysfunction
    It is a condition that causes painful clicking, popping and locking of the jaw.

    Recovery from chronic pain:
    Chronic pain can be relieved with various drugs and medicines, but if you are still suffering there are many chronic pain specialists in Arizona. However, unlike other specialists for chronic pain, Dr. Jason Reinhert DO recommends some lifestyle remedies that help naturally. You should include the following techniques to help with chronic pain treatment:

    - Meditation
    - Yoga
    - Physiotherapy
    - Psychotherapy
    - Massages

    Compared to any other chronic pain specialist in Arizona, chronic pain treatment at one of the clinics overlooked by Dr. Jason Reinhart DO is done with full knowledge and expertise. He and his team will help you overcome a variety of chronic pain symptoms in your body.
    Aug 30, 2017
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