Unexplained Pain

Unexplainable Pain
Most of the time, an ache or pain in the body reminds us we've over exerted ourselves or suffered some injury. But unexplained pain and chronic pain can frustrate both the patient and physician. For some people, the pain becomes so bad that they can no longer work or enjoy past hobbies.
If simple causes have been ruled out, neurological causes may be the root of unexplained pain. 

Dr. Reinhart understands the physical challenges and emotional distress that chronic or unexplained pain causes. The patient may think or have been told "it's all in my head". But, many times, biological factors related to the brain cause unexplained pain, even in other areas of the body. Think of the brain as the body's switchboard. If something isn't connected as it should be, the wrong message-- pain-- is sent to other areas of the body.  Considering this, it only makes sense to seek care from a neurologist for unexplained pain.

AZ Neurologist
Practicing general neurology, Dr. Reinhart treats all neurological conditions, including those that cause unexplained pain. Dr. Reinhart puts patients' needs first. He listens patiently to better understand how, where and when they feel pain so he can help them understand the "why" of unexplained pain. By considering patients' health history, the other medical conditions, lifestyle and work habits, he can better aid the patient to find solutions of managing unexplained pain.

General Neurologist Dr. Reinhart has special interest in headache disorders, spine disorders, and chronic pain & neuropathic pain conditions.  The experience he has gained through the years of treating neurologic conditions help him treat his patients so they can regain their health and wholeness.

If you or one of your loved ones has had to endure chronic or unexplained pain, contact Dr. Jason Reinhart, a physician who will truly listen and work with you to find solutions to your unexplained pain.