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  • The most comprehensive neuropathy treatment options

    Neuropathic pain occurs due to damage to the nerves. Of course, any person suffering from pain seeks relief from the discomfort feeling associated with it.

    Neurologists in Arizona state that the first step in relieving the pain is finding out why the pain is going on. The primary reasons for neuropathy pain are:
    - Diabetes
    - Excessive alcohol drinking
    - Cancer
    - Hormonal disorders
    - Immunity disorders
    - Infections
    - Vitamin deficiencies

    There may also be other reasons for a neuropathic disorder other than reasons mentioned above. It is never easy to figure out the factors that determine the pain. However, the pain of this type can only be managed by neuropathy treatment in Arizona.

    If no possible cause of pain is found, then it becomes difficult to manage the situation. Your neurologists in Arizona focus on providing relief from the symptoms and developing strategies that emphasize improving everyday life.

    However, the importance of getting early treatment should never be ignored. It is crucial to start the treatment as soon as possible. When medical care for neuropathy treatment in Arizona is delayed, the pain becomes harder to manage and requires more aggressive treatment strategies.

    There is no single treatment for neuropathic pain. Some of the treatment options that can be administered by neurologists in Arizona are discussed below:

    - Pain related to peripheral neuropathy
    In peripheral neuropathy, a patient suffers chronic tingling, weakness, numbness or burning pain. A patient finds it difficult to walk, especially downstairs, as they experience chronic pain in the affected area.

    It often leads to loss of balance which can further cause a hip fracture, broken arm or any other injury. The numb feeling in the feet makes the situation worse.

    This pain worsens when it is accompanied with diabetes as it causes multiple malfunctions. It can only be controlled by regulating your blood sugar levels. Neurologists in Arizona may even try to change your diet and see if vitamin deficiency is causing the pain.

    Obviously, there are a few medications which can provide temporary relief in the situation. Some methods of neuropathy treatment in Arizona that are considered safe for patients are:
    - Pain relief medicine
    - Tropical treatment like creams and gels
    - Anti-seizure medication
    - Antidepressants
    - Therapies and procedure also help ease the pain from the neuropathic pain. Physical therapy, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), plasma exchange and intravenous immune globulin are a few treatments that can provide tremendous relief.
    - Surgery: if the pain is due to pressure on the nerves caused by a tumor, then surgery may help. Neurologists in Arizona will suggest removing the tumor to reduce pain.
    - Acupuncture provides relief if done by a certified medical practitioner.

    - Compressed nerves due to a herniated disc
    Nerves can get compressed due to a herniated disc, carpal tunnel syndrome or other causes. These compressed nerves may cause excruciating pain.

    A decompression surgery might be helpful in this situation. However, the surgery is also effective when some amount of nerves are affected. This is considered as a permanent and efficient neuropathy treatment in Arizona. It can help patients that are in initial stages.

    - Severe neuropathic pain
    An injury can cause neuropathic pain to the nerves. The injured, as well as the nearby area, can be affected by severe pain that can subside over time. However, it is advised to get neuropathy treatment in Arizona by an interdisciplinary pain management team for severe pain.

    Neuropathy treatment in Arizona can relief pain for people who suffer from chronic pain. A neurologist may be able to suggest treatment that is suitable for your situation. Whether it is medication or physiotherapy, neurologists in Arizona provide guidance and solutions to ease your discomfort.
    Aug 04, 2017
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