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  • The Facts And Remedies For Chronic Pain

    We all have suffered pain in our lives. Since birth, we have been suffering from one thing or the other. We have become used to pain, and it is even important for building up your immune system. Pain is the way the brain informs you something is not right. If you get hurt, then it will ache, but this pain usually goes away with time.

    However, if the pain doesn’t end and continues for weeks, months or years, it is termed as chronic pain. It can hamper the daily life of a person; take a toll on their health or make them irritated, depressed, angry or anxious. Chronic pain is brutal for anyone.

    If you or your loved one is suffering from chronic pain do not suffer, look for help from specialist doctors for chronic pain like physiatrists, anesthesiologists or physical therapists.

    Treatment for chronic pain is quite complex and involves physical as well as psychological treatment. A good relationship is a must between the doctor and the patient. Every individual has a different set of problems, and the treatment has to be appropriate for the given individual. Treatment for chronic pain requires support from the family members of the patient as well.

    Chronic pain treatment involves evaluation of the pain and symptoms. The use of medication and other techniques will help to avoid a relapse of the problem. Some of the treatments include:

    Radiofrequency ablation: During this process, the doctor uses a needle with a tip that heats up and places it very close to the nerve which is sending pain signals to the brain. The heat zaps this nerve. The effects can last for about eight months to a year after which you will require the treatment again. This is a very effective treatment for chronic pain.

    Pain shots: During this chronic pain treatment, medicine is injected into the area where it is required. The doctor finds the area with the help of an X-ray.

    Opioids: This medication is used in extreme cases of chronic pain. This chronic pain treatment is powerful and helps in reducing pain signals. However, these medications have drawbacks like the possibility of getting addicted to them. They also might make you feel drowsy, nauseated or confused. In high doses, one might experience breathing problems. Therefore, specialist doctors for chronic pain, as well as the patients, need to be careful while prescribing and taking these medications.

    Acupuncture: This chronic pain treatment involves insertion of many needles into certain body parts of the patient. This treatment has been in practice for centuries, and studies show it relieves the patient of lower back pain, arthritis, and other joint pain.

    Massage, yoga, spinal adjustment, and exercise: Yoga is a popular practice that helps with overall health. It is proven to relieve a person of pain. Similarly, messages helps to relieve pain for a short time span.
    Jul 15, 2017
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