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  • Seizures: Types, Causes, and Symptoms

    Dr. Jason Reinhart, DO is a general neurologist with fifteen years of experience in treating neurological disorders such as seizures. In his practice, he has observed that few health events frighten people more than seizures.

    For obvious reasons, loss of control and possibly consciousness are frightening symptoms and people who have experienced one or both know that it is not a matter to be taken lightly. Indeed, it may be an indication of a serious condition.

    Numerous health conditions and injuries can cause seizures, including epilepsy, traumatic head injury/concussion, eclampsia in pregnant women, cerebral palsy, hypoxia, low blood sodium, low blood sugar and brain cancer. Neurological disorders such as Epilepsy, involve the central nervous system in which nerve cell activity in the brain becomes disrupted. This results in seizures or periods of unusual behavior and sometimes loss of consciousness.

    Seizure symptoms can vary widely. What are the two different types of seizures? There are focal seizures when abnormal electrical brain function occurs in one or both sides of the brain. This type of seizure is also referred to as a partial seizure. Then there are generalized seizures that involve both sides of the brain. With this type of seizure a person will experience a loss of consciousness and a postictal state after the seizure occurs.

    The full extent of the seizure may not be completely understood immediately after onset of symptoms. Dr. Jason Reinhart understands neurological problems and performs further medical follow up. He will meet with the patient and their family and discuss with them when the seizures occurred and will perform a medical evaluation and conduct diagnostic testing to diagnose the patient’s seizures.

    Patients who are diagnosed with a seizure-causing condition by Dr. Reinhart, want to cope with their condition as effectively as possible. Since seizures are neurologically-based, treatment they receive from a general neurologist will help them find the best means of managing conditions that cause their seizures. Dr. Reinhart and his entire office want to do all they can to assist patients in effectively managing seizures.

    General Neurologist Dr. Jason Reinhart, DO specializes in headache disorders, chronic pain and neuropathic pain conditions, and spine disorders. Dr. Reinhart treats patients with all kinds of neurological conditions, including those that cause seizures.

    Jan 10, 2017
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