Seizures Treatment
Few health events frighten patients and their loved ones more than seizures, especially the first occurrences of seizure.

Numerous health conditions and injuries can cause seizures, including epilepsy, traumatic head injury / concussion, eclampsia in pregnancy, cerebral palsy, hypoxia, certain metabolic derangements, and a host of others. Anyone experiencing a seizure should immediately seek emergency medical attention.

Patients who have been diagnosed with a seizure-causing condition want to cope with their condition as effectively as possible. Since seizures are neurologically-based, treatment from a general neurologist can help them find the best means of managing conditions that cause seizures.

Neurologists in Arizona
Dr. Reinhart treats patients with all kinds of neurological conditions, including those that cause seizures. Dr. Reinhart and his entire office can to assist patients to effectively manage their seizures. 

By learning about each patient's life, work, and health history, completing a thorough examination, and diagnostic tests, Dr. Reinhart can effectively assess why the patient experiences seizures and how to treat them. By working together as a doctor/patient team, Dr. Reinhart involves patients in their care to provide the most effective solutions for their seizure causing condition. Dr. Reinhart achieves high patient satisfaction by helping patients take control of their health and discover the solutions that best address their health concerns.

If seizures affect you or someone you love, you can find answers.  Contact Dr. Reinhart today to begin your path towards optimal health and wellness.