Problems Walking

Problems Walking Treatment
Mobility affects many areas of life, from work to hobbies to caring for home and family. People experiencing sudden problems with walking naturally want answers as to why. 

Problems walking dramatically curtail everyday life activities.  After dismissing obvious reasons for problems walking, patients should consider neurological causes. Problems walking can result from host of neurological disorders.  Problems walking can result from disorders that affect the brain and spinal cord, spine, the peripheral nerves and/or the muscles of the body. A thorough examination by a neurologist can help determine why the patient experiences trouble controlling leg movements and balance related to walking.

General Neurologist Dr. Reinhart appreciates how challenging life can be for patients experiencing problems walking. At his neurological office, Dr. Reinhart has created a patient-centered environment designed to help them feel comfortable. His staff extends a friendly welcome to put all patients at ease.

Problems Walking Specialist
Treating neurological conditions such as problems walking is extremely individualized. Dr. Reinhart takes the time to nurture a respectful doctor-client relationship with each patient. He wants his patients to explain their symptoms, talk about their health history and family health history, and discuss their work and general lifestyle. All of these factors, combined with their diagnostic tests, help Dr. Reinhart form an accurate diagnosis and a treatment plan that works for his patients.

Many neurologists treat patients' conditions, but Dr. Reinhart works hard to treat the entire patient. He understands that patients simply want to get better. Dr. Reinhart devotes his energy to helping patients achieve their highest level of health. 

General Neurologist Dr. Reinhart has a special interest in headache disorders, chronic pain & neuropathic pain conditions, and spine disorders. In many cases, neurologic conditions relate to problems walking, balance, muscle control and muscle coordination. 

Instead of continuing to struggle alone with walking problems, contact the office of Dr. Jason Reinhart, where you can begin the journey to wellness.