Partial or Complete Paralysis

Paralysis Treatment
Whether temporary or long-term, partial or complete paralysis understandably frightens patients and their families. Paralysis dramatically affects everyday activities, from personal care to work to hobbies.

Oftentimes, neurological conditions cause paralysis, which may affect the entire body (quadriplegia), only one side (hemiplegia), or the upper or lower half of the body (paraplegia). Paralysis happens when nerve signals from the brain do not effectively stimulate the muscles to move. Numerous neurological disorders can cause various types of paralysis. That's why patients experiencing paralysis must seek a general neurologist. A doctor specializing in general neurology plays an important role in recognizing, diagnosing and treating neurologically-based paralysis.
AZ Paralysis Specialist
Dr. Reinhart understands the fear and apprehension experienced by patients facing paralysis. As a general neurologist, Dr. Reinhart treats all neurological conditions, including those that cause partial paralysis or complete paralysis.  Dr. Reinhart and his attentive, compassionate staff realize that they treat individuals with varying thoughts, needs, and life experiences. They take all of these factors into consideration as they help their patients work towards wholeness and health.

Dr. Reinhart has special interests in headache disorders, spine disorders, and chronic pain & neuropathic pain conditions. He takes the time to listen to his patients. By piecing together the patients' background, signs & symptoms,  and study results, General Neurologist Dr. Reinhart forms his diagnosis. From there, his breadth of knowledge and experience helps him work with patients to find effective treatments for their neurologic conditions. 

If you or someone you love suffers the debilitating effects of paralysis, seek care from a general neurologist passionate about helping patients find wellness: Dr. Jason Reinhart.