Numbness & Changes of Sensation

Treatment for Numbness
Alone, the symptoms of numbness or changes in sensation may not seem to be very serious health conditions. But beyond the annoying feelings of cold, burning, prickliness or loss of feeling, the person experiencing these symptoms can suffer additional injury, such as a cut to the hand while chopping vegetables or a puncture injury to the foot when the sensation has been blunted.

Numbness and changes in sensation are most often neurologically based.  Since there are various potential causes of numbness, burning, cold, tingling, and prickly sensations, a neurological evaluation will help to identify the reason for these annoying and potentially injurious sensory changes. Neuropathy is one common peripheral nerve condition that may cause numbness and sensory loss.

Neurologist in AZ
Those suffering from problems of sensation can find a sympathetic listener in Dr. Jason Reinhart. As a general neurologist, Dr. Reinhart sees patients with all kinds of neurological conditions, including those that cause neuropathy. Dr. Reinhart's entire staff shares his compassionate outlook and his sincere desire to help patients find their way to restored health and vibrancy.

Dr. Reinhart considers each patient's complete health profile, not only the presenting symptoms. By taking time to get to know each patient, Dr. Reinhart can form an accurate diagnosis, and work with the patient to find solutions and relief from numbness and other unwanted sensory changes.

General Neurologist Dr. Reinhart has special interest in headache disorders, chronic pain and neuropathic pain conditions, and spine disorders. Dr. Reinhart has made it his life goal to help patients reclaim their lives from neurological disorders, including neuropathy and other conditions causing numbness and sensory changes.

You can find relief from the numbness in your hands, feet or other areas of the body. Contact a general neurologist who can truly make a difference by treating your neuropathy condition: Dr. Jason Reinhart.