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  • Nerve Injuries & Nerve Damage Treatment In Arizona

    One of the best people to see for nerve injuries treatment is a neurologist. Neurologists in Arizona are not just doctors, they are also paralysis specialists and neuropathy treatment doctors. People come from all around the world to get nerve injuries treatment here if they are diagnosed with any damage to their nervous system.

    According to paralysis specialists in Arizona, nerves are a crucial part of the human body. Nerves are the body’s “telephone wiring” system that carries messages between the brain and the rest of the body. From body movements to feeling pain, pressure or temperature, everything involves nerves and nerve fibers. Even the slightest damage to your nerves could block messages and eventually damage nerve receptors. If you ever suffer nerve damage, you need to see a neurologist immediately.

    Neurologists in Arizona say the nerves are mostly damaged due to too much pressure caused by stretching or an injury. Some neurologists in Arizona state that some nerve injuries can get better without help, but some injuries need to be repaired. Nerve injuries treatment varies from person to person depending on age, medical history and so on.
    Nerve injuries treatment differs depending on the severity of your injury. Some tips based on the severity of your injury are listed below:

    1. If mild injuries are suffered - Paralysis specialists in Arizona say that nerves can repair themselves, from minutes to weeks afterward. During that time, the connection from the nerves between the brain and body can be altered. Supportive treatment often helps, but both paralysis specialists and neurologists in Arizona support nerve injuries treatment through surgery.

    2. If more severe injuries are suffered - If nerve fibers are broken, then neuropathy treatment is suggested by neurologists. Surgery is performed on the damaged nerve. Generally, nerves can grow back, but this process can take several months, and transmission of messages between the brain and body will stop until the nerves grow back.

    3. Cut the nerve – If one of the nerves is cut, then neurologists suggest that you go ahead with surgery immediately. Both the outer wrap and inner fibers of the nerve are cut during surgery.

    The recovery after surgery is a slow process. Nerves grow about one inch every month after a nerve is sewn back together in surgery. Physical therapy is sometimes needed after nerve surgery.
    Jul 07, 2017
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