Muscle Cramps and Spasms

Muscle Cramps and Spasms
Muscle cramps and spasms can make everyday activities painful and difficult. Movements once taken for granted may become impossible. For some people, the muscle cramping can become so severe that they become temporarily immobilized.

Many people experience commonplace muscle cramps and spasms related to everyday causes like overexertion during exercise or an awkward movement. These muscle aches and cramps usually self-resolve. But deeply painful and ongoing muscle cramps and spasms can signal neurologically based muscle or nerve issues. Sometimes, the brain's signals to the muscles are altered or aberrant, causing severe and debilitating cramps and spasms.

A neurologist can help determine the cause of the muscle cramps and muscle spasms. Dr. Reinhart understands the challenges of patients with muscle cramps and muscle spasms. He understands how hard it is to go about daily life with painful muscle cramps and muscle spasms. For this reason, Dr. Reinhart retains caring and compassionate personnel who share his career-long vision of offering complete, patient-centered care.
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Many general neurologists treat the symptoms muscle cramps and muscle spasms. Dr. Reinhart and his dedicated team treat the whole patient. By learning about their patient's work, hobbies, lifestyle and health history, they can help formulate real solutions for managing muscle cramps and muscle spasms. The time he takes with patients demonstrates how much he truly cares. 

As a general neurologist, Dr. Reinhart treats all neurological conditions.  He has a special interest in headache disorders, spine disorders, chronic pain & neuropathic pain conditions. He applies his many years of experience and education to assist patients in finding answers that address their neurologically based muscle spasms and muscle cramps. 

When living in pain is no longer working for you or your loved one, call Dr. Jason Reinhart. 

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