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  • Migraines Are No Fun!


    Have you ever had a headache, well, more specifically, a migraine? Then you understand they are not fun, they can put you down for days at a time. What if you had one every day, with no relief? New onset daily chronic headache. Have you ever heard of that, me neither. I had no idea until a friend of mine told me his wife was suffering from this syndrome, and the impact it had on their lives, how hard it had been to find someone who could treat this condition. This disease has devastated their family. It’s hard to understand the depth of the effect of something like this on your life, until you suffer from it, never mind the effect it will have on everyone’s life around you.  Seems like just a migraine headache would be enough to task any person, never mind having one every day.

    If you found yourself with recurring migraine headaches where would you go, who would you call? Dr. Jason Reinhart, DO is one of those doctors. His specializes in treating chronic headache disorders, and this is an area he has taken a special interest in. Dr. Jason Reinhart has over 15 years of experience, he stays current with the latest technology in treating these types of diseases, and keeps up with the latest techniques to be used in the treatment of pain and neurological disorders. Simply put, Dr. Jason Reinhart has a passion for understanding and treating neurological disorders, and he wants to help you.

    When you come to Dr. Jason Reinhart, his treatment will not be based on just your condition, rather he will treat you overall, your entire person. Dr. Jason Reinhart will develop a treatment plan that will become the map for you in reacquiring your health. In this regard, Dr. Reinhart will become a partner with you, to get you where you want to be, to have your quality of life back. Dr. Reinhart will include multiple factors in your treatment plan, things such as environment, genetics, your lifestyle, your goals, etc. All of that will be built into your specifically developed treatment plan, specifically for you.

    Neurological diseases are such an emotional topic, because very often they turn into chronic conditions that can wear you down, take away your quality of life. Dr. Jason Reinhart understands that, and more than anything else he wants for you, is to get that quality of life back, to see you regain your health and to move into the rest of your life, to enjoy your life. Give Dr. Reinhart a call, he can help!

    Jan 10, 2017
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