Memory & Cognitive Changes

Memory and Cognitive Changes
Who doesn't occasionally misplace his keys, forget an appointment or repeat him or herself? But memory lapses that happen often and with increasing frequency could signal a memory or cognitive disorder. Some people never get the hang of all the bells and whistles on their smartphones. Once in a while, everyone struggles to find the right way to express him or herself. But memory changes could also include forgetting how a familiar piece of equipment works, what a familiar tool is for, or how to express basic needs.

Although dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, lack of sleep, or the effects of substances can affect cognitive function, significant and lasting changes in memory or cognition should be addressed by a neurologist.

Organic cognitive disorders may include dementias, or less severe cognitive disorders like mild cognitive impairment (MCI).  Prolonged cognitive changes may also occur with psychiatric disease and depression.  The correct diagnosis by a neurologist is the first step to directed  treatment.

Arizona Neurologist
Dr. Reinhart understands the challenges of patients exhibiting memory and cognitive decline. As a general neurologist, Dr. Reinhart, treats all neurological conditions, including those that cause memory and cognitive changes. Dr. Reinhart's compassionate staff work to make every patient and family member feel welcomed.  He asks questions and listens to better understand the patient's work, leisure time, family health history and lifestyle. By doing so, he is able to better understand how environmental and inherited influences contribute to their current health. From there, he can plan with the patient and family members the next, best steps to take in treating memory and cognitive changes.

Dr. Reinhart has special interests in headache disorders, spine disorders, and chronic pain & neuropathic pain conditions. Dr. Reinhart's education and background in neurologic conditions make him adept at treating memory and cognitive impairment.

 If you or a family member has experienced memory or cognitive changes, contact the office of Dr. Jason Reinhart.