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  • Common symptoms and signs associated with muscle weakness
    Muscle weakness is a condition that produces abnormal muscle contraction or movement. It happens when your full effort doesn't compare to that of normal muscle functions. No matter how much force you exert, you only end up with weak movements. This is the reason why muscle weakness is sometimes called reduced muscle strength. Being at the receiving end of this condition can be paralyzing, physically, emotionally and mentally. So before it gets worse, it is advisable to undergo a treatment for muscle weakness. You can simply find a muscle weakness treatment in Arizona to get a good diagnosis. However, before those things, it still helps to learn about the following muscle weakness symptoms:

    Persisting muscle weakness
    While almost ...
  • Variety of treatment options for people with chronic pain
    If you are suffering from chronic pain, it’s vital that you explore the different treatment options that are available to you so you can make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. Chronic pain treatment in Arizona is vitally important and there are many options for you to explore. If your current treatment isn’t doing anything for the pain, or it’s only partially curing the pain, it’s important to explore other options with guidance from a neurologist in Arizona to see if there is something else that’s going to work better for you instead.

    Anticonvulsant medication

    Anticonvulsant or anti-seizure medication is often given out for nerve pain. This medication is one type of chronic pain treatment in Arizona that works well, ...
  • What might be the cause for your daily headache?
    A headache specialist in AZ will tell you there are several possible underlying causes that triggered the lingering pain.

    Specialist doctors for headaches say that the causes of daily headaches aren't fully understood yet. If it's a chronic or a recurring headache that goes on for three months or even longer, a headache specialist in AZ will tell you there are several possible underlying causes that triggered the lingering pain. Such conditions that may cause daily headaches according to a top neurologist headache specialist in AZ include:

    Spinal fluid changes - A headache specialist in AZ and other specialist doctors for headaches will look at any history of lumbar puncture or "spinal tap" as the culprit for a recurring ...
  • Does stress impact the severity of your migraines?
    There’s nothing worse than a terrible migraine to put a damper on your day. You’re left lying in bed in the dark and wishing that you didn’t suffer from the pain. Whether you have frequent migraines or headaches that arise occasionally, there is growing evidence that says some of the headaches may be caused by stress itself. That’s why it’s important to learn how to manage your stress and to work with a frequent migraine specialist to learn how to effectively keep the headaches away as well.

    Stress can lead to migraines
    There is plenty of evidence showing that stress can actually cause many of the migraines that you suffer from. The pressure at work, the difficulties of raising children or the challenges of taking care of your animals at home leave you feeling exhausted, but it can lead to some serious headaches as ...
  • What causes severe leg cramps?
    Muscle cramps are a strong, painful contraction or tightening of a muscle that comes on suddenly and lasts from a few seconds to several minutes. It often occurs in the legs. Nighttime leg cramps are usually sudden spasms, or tightening, of muscles in the calf.

    Muscle cramps and spasms are caused by one or a combination of reasons listed down below:
    - Exercising, injury, or overuse of muscles
    - Pregnancy
    - Exposure to cold temperatures
    - Lack of potassium, calcium, and other minerals in the blood.
    - Dehydration
    - Intake of medicines like antipsychotics, birth control pills, statins, diuretics, and steroids

    If you have any of the