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  • How To Find A Migraine Doctor

    Finding the right migraine doctor can be a challenging task. It can be tough to diagnose a migraine because it requires experience and a certain level of expertise.

    Types of specialists who can help relieve a migraine
    Neurologist mostly deal with migraine treatment, but a migraine headache can be caused by problems you are having with other parts of the body like your nose or eyes. This can make it a bit difficult to understand the actual problem. Some of the specialists who can help relieve your pain are:

    - A headache and migraine specialist
    Any doctor or physician that has completed an additional course and specialized training for treatment of migraine and headaches.

    - Allergist
    A doctor who focuses on treating allergies of any kind. Some migraine symptoms are caused by an allergic reaction.

    - Neurologist
    A doctor who treats ailments associated with the brain, spinal cord and related muscles. In most cases, people go for a neurologist to treat a migraine.

    - Psychiatrist
    A doctor who specializes migraine specialist az in mental disorders. There is sometimes a close connection with depression and migraines. Since a migraine has a significant emotional impact on a person’s well-being, a psychiatrist is also considered in some cases.

    - Gynecologist
    A gynecologist specializes in disturbances and disorders related to a woman’s reproductive system. A migraine in women can occur due to reasons related to a hormonal imbalance or menstrual cycles.

    - Ophthalmologist
    A doctor who specializes in eye treatment. Many people suffer from a migraine due to problems related their vision. An ophthalmologist can clearly tell if a migraine headache occurs due to problems with your eyes.

    Everyone gets headaches occasionally. However, headaches will not go away sometimes and can last for hours or even days. Over the years, we have developed a reputation in Arizona based on our commitment towards our patients with migraine symptoms. If you or a loved one is suffering from any migraine headache symptoms, contact us immediately.

    Our headache specialist az try to find the root of the problem with counseling. We believe that understanding your family medical history is always beneficial in these cases. An Arizona migraine specialist tries to fix the problem with a combination of medication and changing of daily habits.

    When to consult a migraine doctor
    - A sudden headache or change in headache patterns accompanied with vomiting
    - A headache that occurs after an accident or head injury.
    - Quick intervals of vision loss
    - A headache that worsens with physical activity.
    - A headache accompanied by double vision, numbness or confusion

    Migraine treatment
    Some of the pain from a headache can be relieved by proper sleep, a change in your diet, stress releasing massages and even cold packs. If none of this works for the patient, then they are given medication like medical grade ibuprofen that is much stronger than typical Advil or Aleve.

    An Arizona migraine specialist tries to analyze the symptoms that trigger your headache to figure out what treatments are right for you.
    May 02, 2017
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