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  • How Classic And Common Migraine Headaches Differ

    Those who suffer from migraines suffer from a disorder which is characterized by having recurrent headaches that range from moderate to severe. Migraine doctors say that the pulsating nature of migraine symptoms can last for 72 hours.

    Migraine headaches are classified into two categories
    1. Classic migraine headaches
    2. Common migraine headaches

    There are several phases a person goes through during moderate to severe migraine headaches. The stages include the prodrome phase, aura phase, pain phase and the postdrome phase.

    The difference between the two lies in the severity of the pain, duration of headaches and frequency of attacks a person has in a specific period. However, both classic migraines and common migraine headaches go through all the above phases except the aura phase.

    1). A classic migraine is nothing but a migraine headache with aura. Aura is a physical disturbance you feel before you even start getting a severe migraine headache. A classic migraine can hurt a lot but they isn’t life threatening. A classic migraine is believed to be caused by a chemical compound or electrical wave moving across part of your brain.

    A classic migraine headache symptoms include:
    1. Food cravings
    2. Getting hyper or cranky
    3. Fatigue

    A classic migraine lasts for about one hour and usually occur on one side of the brain.

    2). A common migraine does not include the aura phase. It's more than just headaches. The severity of common migraine headaches are so high that it can stop you from carrying out your daily activities. Symptoms include nausea and vomiting. It is the most common type of a migraine headache, and it affects the front part of the head on one or both of the temples. A common migraine headache can last from 4 to 72 hours.

    For any type of a migraine, whether it is a classic migraine headache or a common migraine headache, you should always use ibuprofen or other pills to help alleviate the symptoms.
    Apr 11, 2017
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