Headache Treatment
Stress, head injury, improper posture, lack of corrective vision . . . the list for causes of headache seems endless. For most people, headaches only occasionally and briefly disrupt their day. For others, headaches cause vastly disruptive pain, nausea, vision disturbance, and dizziness. Simply popping two ibuprofen doesn't work for these types of headaches. For people with this level of headache, home-based first aid doesn't work, as these headaches can be constant, cause excruciating pain, and seem debilitating.

Understanding the complex mechanisms of the brain, a neurologist can help patients understand the underlying causes of their particular type of headache.

Dr. Reinhart understands how headaches can cause major disruption in the lives of those who suffer with them. As a physician practicing general neurologist, Dr. Reinhart treats all neurological conditions, including those that cause headaches and migraine headaches. He employs a caring staff that extend sympathy every time they connect with patients. It's their mission to ensure every patient receives the best of medical care and common, everyday compassion.
AZ Neurologists
Dr. Reinhart takes the time to ask questions about patients' work, hobbies, health history and family health history to form a complete picture of the patient's background. Combining this input with his expertise and experience in neurology helps him form an accurate diagnosis. Then, he can work with the patient towards successful management of severe headache conditions, including identifying triggers, determining the best therapy or medication, and minimizing the effects of headaches when they occur.

General Neurologist Dr. Reinhart's special interests are in headache disorders, chronic pain and neuropathic pain conditions, and spine disorders. You don't need to suffer chronic headaches any longer. 

Seek the care of a compassionate professional: Dr. Jason Reinhart. You can be free from the prison of severe headaches.