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  • Emergency Treatment For Paralysis In Arizona

    Paralysis is the loss of strength and control over a muscle or group of muscles in the body. Sometimes, this is not due to a problem in muscles but due to an issue in the chain of nerve cells that runs through your body, brain and back. Nerve cells deliver signals for your muscles to move. Neurological disorders or other types of nerve damage calls for an emergency treatment by a specialist doctor.

    Paralysis Symptoms:
    Symptoms are easy to spot, but may vary based on the cause. Sudden numbness or weakness of an arm, leg, your face or one side of your body requires urgent treatment by a specialist doctor. Also, if your speech is impaired or vision is impaired in one or both eyes, it is important to get paralysis specialist in AZ immediately. Sudden imbalance, lack of coordination, dizziness and sudden headaches can also be a sign of oncoming paralysis. If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, you should get paralysis treatment in AZ from a specialist doctor. 

    Paralysis specialists say that because of paralysis, many other body functions can also be affected. Some of the problems that can be the result of paralysis and should be quickly treated are:

    Problems in blood flow, breathing and heart rate
    Blood clots in legs and other parts of the body
    Loss of bladder control
    Sexual problems
    Changes in normal functions of organs and glands
    Skin allergies
    Changes in behavior
    Mood swings
    Changes to muscles, joints and bones
    An unreasonable headache
    Slurred speech

    Diagnosis and treatment:
    Diagnosis of paralysis is easy because the main symptom is the loss of control over muscles in the body. The most important part of diagnosis is to find out the main thing causing paralysis. A specialist doctor learns more about the causes leading to paralysis, the degree of the paralysis or the state of each nerve that is involved. To do that, paralysis specialists will perform various tests such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, myelograms, electromyograms, spinal taps, electroencephalograms and somatic nerve blocks. For the best paralysis treatment in AZ, make sure that these tests are done appropriately.

    Weakness can become worse with repeated attacks, so treatment to prevent repeated attacks should be done as soon as possible. A specialist doctor will look to relieve the symptoms and prevent further attacks. Paralysis treatment in AZ by Dr. Reinhart is done with the highest level of expertise and care. Unlike other paralysis specialists, Dr. Reinhart and his team approach their patients with a supportive and understanding environment.

    For the best treatment by a specialist doctor, Dr. Reinhart will treat you with exceptional professionalism. He uses the best technology for various tests and makes use of the best possible resources.
    Jul 31, 2017
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