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    Dr.  Jason Reinhart is a general neurologist and treats all neurological conditions.  He is board-certified in general neurology by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (APBN), a nationally recognized corporation. 

    Seems simple enough, doesn’t it, just not much to think about there. But it’s just like road hazard warning signs that we’ve all driven by a thousand times, and generally haven’t thought about much. Let me prove my point, do you remember your drive home from work last night, and all the details of it, the cars around you, who may have cut you off, or is it kind of foggy in your memory? I’ll bet you don’t remember those details, because you have done it more times than you can remember?

    So let’s go back to talk about what certified versus eligible actually means. Board Certified means a doctor who has passed the test and has been qualified (i.e. certified) to meet all the requirements and all knowledge of their area. In other words, they have proved they know their stuff. Okay, then what’s “Board Eligible.” Board Eligible is a doctorwho has completed the residency in their area but has not taken or passed (i.e. failed) the test. You can see how patients get confused here, between these two terms. And, the difference is not insignificant. It’s kind of a sleight of hand trick, and you should stop and think when you consider a physician who is eligible and not certified. It’s not to put down physicians who are eligible, but there is a certain reality there. In any phase of life, do you want someone who has passed the test to work for you, or someone who hasn’t (and we understand it could mean they haven’t taken the test yet). I bet I know the answer. If I got on an airplane, and the pilot told me they were NOT certified to fly, but eligible, chances are I’m getting off the plane. Wouldn’t you?

    Yes, Dr. Jason Reinhart, DO, is Board Certified in his field, in his specialty, he took the test, he passed it, and he is certified! Getting to that point for any physician is not easy, it takes a lot of work, more than most of us can understand! If you elect to come see Dr. Jason Reinhart, you can take heart in knowing that he is an expert in all phases of his field and that you are going to get the best care you can expect, from someone who has proven what they know. This includes all the innovation and quality you would expect from that knowledge.

    If you need a certified neurologist, Dr. Jason Reinhart is an excellent choice, he is proven in his field, and you can take that to the bank!

    Jan 07, 2017
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