Coordination & Balance Symptoms

Coordination and Balance symptoms- Dr. Reinhart
Everyone experiences an awkward moment now and then. An occasional klutzy mishap happens to most people. However, a continued pattern of frequent falls, misjudging physical space, lack of coordination, or sudden loss of balance may indicate a more serious problem. Falling can cause serious injuries such as broken bones. Injuries such as hip fractures can, in turn, worsen unrelated conditions and decrease the patient's overall health.

At first it's easy to laugh off a clumsy movement, but should this problem continue or worsen, it's time to seek help from an expert trained in neurologically-based coordination and balance issues: a general neurologist. Numerous neurological conditions can contribute to lack of balance and coordination. Since falls can cause devastating injuries, receiving medical attention is very important.

Neurology Specialist in Arizona, Dr. Reinhart
As a general neurologist, Dr. Jason Reinhart understands why balance and coordination relate to so many neurologic conditions. He takes the time to truly listen to his neurology patients' symptoms. Dr. Reinhart learns about their health history, lifestyle, work, and hobbies. By combining these with diagnostic test results, he can help patients discover the cause of balance and coordination is, and how to address it.

Patients of Dr. Reinhart feel at home in his comfortable office, beginning with a warm welcome from his friendly staff. It's their passion to assist clients toward their highest potential level of health. Neurologist Dr. Jason Reinhart specializes in headache disorders, chronic pain and neuropathic pain conditions, and spine disorders. He derives great satisfaction in helping his patients find their way from impairment to health and wholeness.

If changes in balance and coordination potentially disrupt your life and endanger you too, contact General Neurologist Dr. Jason Reinhart to learn how you can improve your health.