Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Treatment
You are likely to trace pain back to an injury when symptoms initially began but may be wondering why they have persisted well beyond healing. Chronic pain signals may keep firing in the nervous system for weeks, months, even years. Chronic pain can become worse over time because nerve fibers, like well-trained muscles, learn to deliver pain signals to the brain more effectively.

But, what if you are one of the many people who suffer from pain whose source is not so easily identified. If you are among the multitude of people who suffer from chronic pain or have pain that has even gotten worse, the solution may well be beyond the expertise of your primary physician. You should resolve in your mind that it may well be time to seek medical treatment with a general neurologist. Dr. Jason Reinhart, DO, is board-certified in general neurology. Dr. Reinhart understands that there are varied causes and mechanisms of chronic pain and thus, can better treat his patients.

Chronic Pain Specialist- Dr. Jason Reinhart
In addition to pain resulting from injuries, there are several other underlying causes of pain. Visceral pain comes from your internal organs (stomach, liver, etc.). This type of pain is much less common and difficult for your brain to locate because the nerve circuits are more complex. As a trained neurologist, Dr. Reinhart has the knowledge and experience to help patients with visceral pain.

Another type of chronic pain is called peripheral neuropathy. Irritation or damage to these nerves sends a confusing signal to the brain, which interprets the signal as pain. Because he specializes in neurological pain, Dr. Reinhart can treat his patients who suffer with peripheral neuropathy through the use of innovative techniques.

The key to understanding and treating chronic neurological pain is figuring out the root cause. Dr. Reinhart has identified the root cause even in the most elusive of cases, and has helped many of his patients achieve relief. And in many of his cases, Dr. Reinhart has assisted in helping his patients undo what chronic pain has done.

You may think that there is nothing you can do to relieve your chronic pain and have resolved to living with it, but there is every reason to consult with a trained general neurologist in this field such as Dr. Jason Reinhart, DO. He has dedicated his life and conducts his practice, for the advancement of neurological pain relief for his patients.