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  • Be Wary Of Cognitive Changes


    It has happened to all of us, the misplaced set of keys, going into the garage and forgetting why you went there in the first place. We all do it. But, if it is happening more often, an increasing frequency could signal cognitive changes. It can show up in the simplest or most complex ways, forgetting how to use the features on your cell phone or forgetting how a key piece of equipment works at your place of work.

    There can be multiple causes, and Dr. Jason Reinhart has seen them all, has experience with them all. Things like dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, lack of sleep, intoxication or drug use can cause effects that look similar in nature. But know this, that similar effects, significant and lasting changes in memory or cognition should be addressed with a neurologist like Dr. Jason Reinhart as quickly as you can arrange it, waiting won’t help.

    What Dr. Jason Reinhart wants you to know is that treating memory and cognitive changes as neurological conditions can improve your management and delay debilitating effects of memory loss and cognitive impairment. These conditions may not be curable, but slowing their effect offers families time to make plans and adjust to their "new normal" all while experiencing the best quality of life possible.

    Dr. Jason Reinhart has great sympathy for patients exhibiting memory and cognitive decline, he’s experienced it and has treated it. Dr. Reinhart's compassion for this goes deep and he works hard to make every patient and family member feel welcomed in his practice. To Dr. Jason Reinhart, you are not caseload, you are a special individual who he will work with to develop a specific treatment plan. 

    The treatment plan takes all things into consideration, environment, goals, family health history, treatment options, etc. In doing this, Dr. Jason Reinhart can offer patients a better understanding of how environmental and inherited influences contribute to their current health. This also allows for more accurate diagnosis of the issue and better development of the treatment plan and best steps to take in treating memory and cognitive changes.

    Because of Dr. Jason Reinhart’s background in general neurology, he specializes in headache disorders, chronic pain and neuropathic pain conditions, and spine disorders. Dr. Jason Reinhart is particularly adept at treating neurologically based memory and cognitive impairment, because he has specialized in these areas.

    Don't lose another precious moment of your life struggling with memory and cognitive changes. If you or a family member has experienced any of these symptoms, contact the office of Dr. Jason Reinhart right away.

    Jan 09, 2017
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